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David Parody



David is an accomplished photojournalist having been widely published internationally as well as in Gibraltar, his home town.


He started photography at school, when a teacher lent him a 35mm Pentax camera and roll of black and white film. His first salary was spent almost entirely on his first camera and ever since he has been travelling with his camera.

He has held three solo photographic exhibitions and published two photographic books in the last couple of years, photo essays on a “Year in the Life of Gibraltar” and “Bayside School, 40 Years on”.

His other recent work includes covering the Royal visit of the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Gibraltar for the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Telegraph.

As a photojournalist he can be found covering many a news story but he could just as easily find himself at home on a travel assignment or sports event. He will almost certainly be found on the side-lines of every game of the Gibraltar National Football Team as their official photographer.

Always on the lookout for the different angle that makes his photographs stand out, portraiture is not a field of photography that he would consider as being his strong points. Yet the collection of photographs in this collection demonstrates how a formal portrait can be made into something more than a record of person’s face, it shows their character and tells their own story.

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